Trap Music Museum

A hybrid art gallery and interactive exhibit, this museum displays realistic scenes that symbolize the lifestyle and sound originating from Atlanta. This is brought to you by rapper T.I.

Centennial Olympic Park

During the 1996 Summer Olympics, this 21-acre park was created as a gathering spot for residents and visitors. It has cost around $75 million in development. Today, it’s redesigned for daily public use!

The Varsity

This is the historic drive-through eatery in Atlanta. What will you have?

Blue Flame Lounge

This is one of Atlanta's first black adult entertainment clubs. Through the legacy of this lounge and the legendary Club 559 entertainers, staff members were able to continue their education and move on to their chosen careers.

MLK House/Museum

This contains the largest source materials in the world on the American Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Old Lady Gang

Nora Wilcox, Bertha Jones, and Joyce Jones are the original OLG. These three enthusiastic sisters from Atlanta surely know their way around the kitchen.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

For more than 70 years, Mary Mac’s has been setting the standard for Southern cooking in Atlanta. Celebrities, world travelers, business people, and families dine here and feel right at home. In March 2011, the Georgia House of Representatives declared Mary Mac’s as Atlanta’s Dining Room via Resolution 477.

Stankonia Studio

From the outside, this industrial complex and former home of Bobby Brown’s Bosstown Recording Studios does not look like much. The Antone Street where Stankonia Studio is was once known as “studio row.” OutKast recorded its best work here with Mr. DJ who still works with other hip-hop talents.

Slutty Vegan

This term refers to someone who allots time from their busy lives to indulge in the pleasures that life brings, such as eating good food with good people. So eat the best burger in town here at Slutty Vegan!

Magic City Strip Club

This place has been partially responsible for launching the careers of Future, Migos, and DJ Esco. This club is also known to anyone familiar with hip-hop and trap scenes.

CNN Center

This opened in 1976 as the Omni Complex developed by Cousins Properties. There are huge screens around this center that show CNN’s multi-channel output to the world.

Escobar Restaurant and Tapas

This is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta’s Castleberry Hills district, owned by rapper 2 Chainz.